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Twista's new album

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Twista's new album

Post by Bullet Flo' on Thu Oct 28, 2010 6:01 pm

Only a year after Category F5 and Twista is back to wreak more tongue-twister havoc. This September 28, the Chicago spitter is planning to release his eighth solo album The Perfect Storm through Get Money Gang/EMI. The album is slated to feature production from long-time collaborator the Legendary Traxster, No I.D. and more, along with guest features from the likes of Raekwon, T-Pain, Ray J, Waka Flocka Flame, Yo Gotti and more. The album boast the Traxster-produced single "I Do."
In a departure from previous projects, Twista will be releasing a documentary along with the album. The film, which goes by the same name as the album, will focus on Twista's career and impact on his local West Side Chi-Town community. The film, which recently finished shooting, was directed by Vlad Yudin and will be released by Vladar Productions.

"We’re going to focus a lot on the violence in Chicago and how music and culture affects the community, and touch on the Obama name as well," said Ed Mejia, producer for Vladar. "We know there’s a lot of talent in Chicago. We want to learn more about it and have a presence there for our future productions"should be dope!!!

Chicago rapper Twista has announced an October release date for his new upcoming album, The Perfect Storm. Twista told NOHH that his new album will feature production by No I.D., Street Runners, Scorp Diesel and longtime affiliate, Traxster.

Just this week, Twista's single "Wetter" from his last album Category F5 was certified gold, after moving over 600,000 ringtones.

“Me and Traxster just got back in the studio and went to work like we did in the past,” Twista told NOHH. “That’s what helped us get back to that Chicago Twista sound that you hear on Wetter and the rest of [Category F5].”

Twista has landed some major guest appearances on the new album The Perfect Storm, as artists like Chris Brown and Raekwon check in with guest appearances.

“The Perfect Storm is an album that definitely has tracks for everyone," Twista revealed. "We’ve got tracks like 'Make A Movie' with Chris Brown and then some grimier tracks like The Heat with my boy Raekwon. I definitely am bringin’ a little something for everyone."

In addition to a new album, a documentary based on Twista's career will be produced by Vlad Yudin and hit stores this November.

Twista's album The Perfect Storm is due in stores October 26th.

The first single from The Perfect Storm, “Make A Movie”, features Chris Brown and is currently impacting radio.

A Twista documentary by film producer Vlad Yudin is also slated for a November release.

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Man I'm lookin' forward to this. I like the title too. Perfect Storm. Now twista will never go down as the greatest of all time but he has the greatest vocal ability ever in my opinion. Can't wait for it to drop.
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By now, fans know what to expect with Twista’s rapid-fire delivery.

Instead of experimenting with his sound, the Chicago emcee concentrated on mastering the sound and style that’s allowed him to remain in the Hip-Hop for nearly 20 years.

“The focus on the new album is always giving the fans with what I think they consider the perfect Twista album,” he explained to NOHH. “I try not to steer too far from what they want to hear and get all crazy. You’re going to hear perfection in my lyricism, some dope as* songs, and Trax killing them on the beats.”

Twista and the Legendary Traxster broke a five-year drought last year by working together on the Category F5 album.

Even within the confines of the Twista sound, the rapper says fans can still expect some surprises.

“You’re going to be surprised on there by tracks like ‘Heat,’” Twista said, referencing his recent work with Raekwon. “You going to be like that’s what I wanted to hear when you hear songs like ‘Back to Basics.’ It’s going to be big.”

While respected, Twista had to contend with lyrical battles in his career.

The most prominent of those contests were lyrical confrontations with The Beatnuts, Bone and Naughty By Nature.

But when reflecting back on artists that keep him lyrically focused, he cites peers he had cordial relationships with.

“Man, that’s a good one. It was never really one person. It was always different people like Jay-Z, Nas, Biggie, [and] Tupac, those types of artists,” Twista detailed. “It would be an Outkast, anybody that was hot from the perspective of doing their thing from being true lyricists. Those are the guys that kept me on my toes.”

Twista’s Perfect Storm features appearances from Lloyd, Yo Gotti, Chris Brown, Ray J, Raekwon and Waka Flocka Flame.

The release date is November 9

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Re: Twista's new album

Post by Hype on Thu Oct 28, 2010 6:06 pm

Interesting.. waaiting fo this shit

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