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Rules And Regularities for MC Vs MC Audio Battles

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Rules And Regularities for MC Vs MC Audio Battles

Post by Nepalihiphop on Tue Sep 29, 2009 6:31 pm

-Rules effective immediately.

1. Anyone with more than 3 battles going on will be DQ'D.

2. Anyone who doesn't have a link to two battles they voted on BEFORE "their" verse is dropped will be DQ'D.

3. No freeposting.. doesn't matter where it is ( battle, call out thread.. ) Anyone caught free-posting in another persons battle will be DQ'D from their own battle thread(s)

**No battle due date is to be MORE than a week.. ( 7 days )... your battle will be closed if it's more than that without warning. ALL EXT will be ran by a MOD first, and a EXT request will NOT be granted on the day the battle's due..

4. Battle set-up criteria: Finalized rules, check in's, battle verses...& a total of 3 upping's per combatant... Anyone of the contestants doing otherwise will be DQ'D automatically...

You're to wait a WEEK from your own upping before you may up again to allow an adequate window of time for a person to vote on your battle... failure to do so will result in YOUR disqualification.

PM a mod if you've exhausted your uppings and wish to have your battle upped once again.

5. If you wish to contest a vote or DQ a combatant for ANY legitimate reason PM mod and wait for further assistance.

6. The personal format of your battle is to be discussed via call out thread or PM and EVERYTHING is to be agreed upon before the battle is set..

7. Battles will be closed after a month if a victor hasn't been decided by then.

8. Return The Favor ( often abbreviated to RTF ) Policy: RTF link may ONLY accompany a vote if posted in another battle thread.. an independent RTF post ( otherwise known as a FREEPOST ) will be removed & the culprit DQ'D from said battle.

-Rules will be added or revised in the future if necessary

Enjoy Audio Battles
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