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NWLT-2011 (info/rules)

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NWLT-2011 (info/rules)

Post by area51 on Mon Jul 11, 2011 6:28 pm


Well this month we would be doing a short tournament called "nephopnations weight lifters tournament". This would start
Friday 15th July and end Tuesday 19th august.There would be rounds of battle going on and a special medal award is being prepared
by our graphic team to give it to the winner.

you can sign up for the battles only if-
_you haven't won any tournament before
-you haven't won more than 5 battles
-you haven't been awarded with heavyweight text medal before
-you haven't done more than 10 battles in this site

The basic rules for the battles would be the same as house rules. Some extra rules have been mentioned here

- Verses shouldn't be more than 16 lines,(or 8 bars) or less than 8 lines (or 4 bars)
- the one who drop 2nd should match the no of bars/lines the 1st do. no exceeding of lines
- all participants must votes in all battles going on except the one they are on. if some1
fails to vote on time, not voting in each battle would cost a deduction of 1 vote each on
on the battles he/she is on
- No time limit extension. The verses must be post before the due date by the participants.
- no bitching, beefing, swaying, dick riding etc. on battles. New members less than 20 posts
votes wont be counted on the battles.
- no pics and links in the battle.

if any problem arises the Judges on the battle would be "area51" and "tero-bou-atti-psyco"

Thanks . head upp for the tournament. here is the sign up thread

post in that^ sign up thread till Thursday 12 pm to sign up for the tournament.
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