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Blah. . .blah . . .blah

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Blah. . .blah . . .blah

Post by Da Mobster on Tue Jul 19, 2011 8:41 am

entered FIELD of my GRAVITATI0N/
ACCELERATED heart of y0' tend to C0LLIDE,
but suddenly changed DIRECTI0N/
under influence of F0RCE of unkn0wn magnitude,
speedin' up away lyk light/
lyk br0ken c0mets at clear night,
y0're vanishin' outa my sight/
with just fracti0ns may
l0ve beam's 0verc0med lyf's CRITICAL ANGLE/
y0u b0unced back back to yo' own medium,
y0u g0t reflected and gurl/
i'm makin' up my essence
and clearin' up my sense/
fr0m intense of unkn0wn influence,
hence,tried with my LENS/
its been like age
since my RETINA's beggin' fo' yo' image,seen/
wish if it c0uld be pr0jected on screen/
but that t0o faded,
NUCLEAR FUSI0N runnin' thr0ugh c0re went dead/
y0' illusi0nary mirage
kept turnin' my brain OXYLATED/
steady state of CHEMISTRY
in excited state of/
my mind,hits my head hard lyk PR0JECTILE
right thr0ugh 0SSCIPETAL/
sick,MEDIAT0RS turned ACIDIC,
positive CATALYST went idle,inspite/
Love g0t d0wn to zero,
previ0usly was mathematically infinite/
EVAP0RATIN'and separatin' c0mp0nents of heart,
ya vap0rized and dissappeared/
finally,left like residue in P0RCELIAN BASIN,
i'm wishin' ya l0ng life as C0SMIC YEAR/
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Re: Blah. . .blah . . .blah

Post by Blue Devil on Sat Sep 17, 2011 10:32 pm


Blue Devil
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