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Bridge of nepali and english rap

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Bridge of nepali and english rap

Post by Blue Devil on Sat Sep 17, 2011 10:45 pm

Look I tremble…I’m fucked up
Like in the song by Slipknot
saying u’re wrong, fucked and overated..
but this is where I end my journey in hiphop
yes I was wrong fucked and overated..
But this is not the end …
May be the opposite trend..
Only I need to find is hole, I got the key
By the way,I’m not the muthafucking Gay or P.I.M.P
Lyrically aggressive , cos I’m mentally frustrated
I’m not psychotic…depressive I”m muthofucker frustrated
Can you Listen me…!!
I got the balls..
But motherfucker gonna check it…so visualize ur own cock
Masturbate urself and think how I’m gonna f**ck!!
Yeah yeah I mean f**ck ,f**ck the world f**ck the world
Cos simply everybody f**ck their world
I f**ck my world, u f**ck ur world
Same shit repeating next morning
So we all f**ck the world!!
That’s why lets change the track
The track of my own life…
Got to learn to play bullets , this ain’t time of knife
Cos I’m slow..I’m miserable n fucking low
Cos I don’t have still a single track…
To make sound with music back.
So, I’m starting from zero…
Hudaina hola mero yo surwat kero
Rap teydo hoina mero rapnai teydo..
Ma audaia chu bistarai... Junikira ko sayetaley
adherolai chicholdai..
biteyko pal lai khulchidai…naya haat haru samaudai…
nepali ko baka ma rap geet gaudai…
nathunos kana (ear) aaba rap geet banera
nathukos aba rapma career hudaina banera
bathkaunu cha parkala, yo nai naya sala ma
futaunu cha mula, yahhi asharey mahinama
hu ma ekjana kisankai chora…
rap gaudai ma hudaina hami sabai gora
chan ajai deshma, derai manche bokchan bora
chan tytikai loot,hatyha, tara pugdaina ti kora
yestai yestai baka leychu ma tapai ko samuney
asha garchu ma tapai bata, haina ta ma sangai sangai gaidiney!!

Blue Devil
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Re: Bridge of nepali and english rap

Post by Meta4 on Sun Nov 27, 2011 8:29 pm

This was kinda cool. Depends upon how you spit thoug, Nice one bruh
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