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Post by Hype on Mon Nov 28, 2011 12:57 pm

NLC is an yearly text battle tournament between random Nepali Rappers/lyricists around Net. Anyone interested can take part in this tournament...

There will be text battles to examine the talents of the participants. The text battle will be friendly upon you and your opponent or hostile if you both agree. You can battle each other via diss or any creative topics. If you want to battle topic, random topics will be given to you when you check the battle...

There will be rounds of battle. Each battle will last for 1 week. Verses posting time will be about 4 days, (i.e. you will have to submit your texts within 96 hours from the installment of the thread). The minimum no. of lines for each battle will be 10, and maximum is 16. Voting will be done by all Nephopnation members and me too. Participants must vote in each others battle to qualify in the next rounds..

All the general text battles rules apply..
1. No biting, ghostwriting [no stolen texts/dont get your friends write for you]
2. No bitching, commenting on votes, swaying [no beef in battle and dont comments on other votes, if you think the vote is not fair send link via Private message to >area51 for review]

Rules for votes :- the vote must be an explained one in at least 6 lines.

or use these categories while voting;
If the battle is A Vs B

Winner : A
Your explanation about the battle :

If you have any further questions related to the tourney.. Kindly send private message to me or area51 or make a post in here

The tournament starts friday 12 pm, 10th december.. Sign ups to be done before that due

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