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Post by Nepalihiphop on Sat Apr 10, 2010 3:25 pm

NB's willing to accept 4 types of votes...

1) A categorical breakdown

Multies: XXX
Punches: XXX
Personals: YYY
whatever other categories you use...

vote- so and so...

most people don't use this anymore but i'll accept it

2) Picking the best lines followed by a short breakdown of why you felt that way

best bar


best bar

YYY was more personal, but he didn't have as many good punches as XXX did. XXX was more consistent and didn't have any lines of filler. YYY had a few lines which weren't interesting cuz they didn't have punches. XXX won this battle because he was more creative and had more punches.

without the breakdown, your vote will be DQ'd

3) A short summary of both verses explaining who got your vote and why

This battle was pretty even. XXX had a couple of heavy hits like the cum and defeat lines but faded towards the end. YYY's momma jokes were ok but he was more consistent imo...

vote YYY

4) A complete breakdown

A bar by bar breakdown of every line. This is the only way you can just say vote whoever at the end

Also, stop saying RTF when you leave your link. Apparently some feel that it's saying "I voted for you so vote for me". And stop the double posting. If you don't leave the link in the vote, you can't come in and leave the link in a 2nd post. You just lost the chance to leave the link that time.


Ive been getting alot of PMs on this issue so here it goes. I know this is already a rule, but i see alot of you guys are not paying attention so ill make it clear in this thread . If you are not involved in a battle and want to leave a vote just leave one vote, and be on your way. If someone knocks on your vote let it go they just wasted an up.

If i see anybody freeposting in other peoples battle threads from this time and date October 14th, 2009 at 04:33 PM onward i will 1st warn you then 2nd time ban you for 3 days.

The amount of garbage in most of these battles is crazy. Just trying to maintain some type of order
Up: Any post by a battler after both verses have been dropped. So if you feel the need to argue with a voter, you're using your ups.
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