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NTBL Rules/infos

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NTBL Rules/infos

Post by area51 on Fri Jun 04, 2010 10:27 am

NTBL[Nepbeatz Text Battle Leauge]..will conduct bi-weekly battles..
In this leauge only those members can sign in who has at least won 3 battles in the general text battles..
To be in the leauge you need to have 3-x Battle record.. A sign in/out thread
opens every two months where you can either sign in or sign out for the next two months..the maximum no. of heads in the leauge will be 8.
and the weakest in the leauge will be signed out automatically untill he has once again 3 new links in the general text battles..
and so another would get chance to enter the leauge. the leauge will run as soon as it gets 4 members..

The general rules in the leauge are-
1. No ghostwriting, feeding, biting, recycling,dickriding and swaying..
2. Each members in the leauge need to put their votes on each thread.. If they failed to put votes within the
the week, there will be a deduction of one vote each for not putting a vote in the battles going on.
4. The members not in the leauge can put their votes.

Voting related rules:-

Voting Related Rules:

Votes Examples,

Suppose a battle AAA Vs BBB

u can vote using three ways, Quoting one two best bars.Using catz., and Breaking down the whole drop.

I) Quoting best 1/2 bars

You dont exsist in this battle.. homie ya style is so lame..
That I feel as if im "Face'n No-Body".. like the smileys on Aim


Kill you my first shot in a line, Reminisant of a schendlers list
or anal glaucoma.. cuz we wont See his as* winning shit

Explanation: AAA was more creative and his punches were nicer than that of BBB's. Although
BBB has nice personlas but AAA Edged it out for overall better punches.

II) The same old way using catz (catagories), however ppl dont vote this way these days.
and all others you know..

Explanation: AAA was more creative and his punches were nicer than that of BBB's. Although
BBB has nice personlas but AAA Edged it out for overall better punches.

III) Bar By Bar break down...
Quote all bars and post your vote with explanations..

Note- Explanation Must be at leat 2 meaningful sentences.

Ranking System-

1. Ko win will add 5 pts. all majority votes win will add 3 pt to your current rank.
2. Dq qin will add 2 pts.. and DQ loss will subtract 2 pts from ur current rank.
3. No show win will add 3 pts and no show loss will subtract 5 pts from your current rank.
4. Champ Match win will add 10 pts and Champ mass loss will subtract -10 pts

RTBL championship will be gained by the dopest in the leauge monthly who has the higest point..
The champaionship would be rewarded Bi-monthly Basis and to gain it you must beat
the current title holder beating him on a champainship battle on the leauge..

Medals and awards:-
- NTBL CHAMP Medal will be awarded to the champ who has the higest points in the
ranking system.
- The champ would be choosed to moderate the leauge for next two months.

The nepbeatz staff.

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